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Orthodontic Hands On Training for Dental Hygienists

This is a unique Orthodontic Training Course for Dental Hygienists who are looking to hone in their skills in an orthodontic or a general practice. It is designed to update hygienists’ knowledge of orthodontic theory and the most current and cutting edge procedures, like the use of Invisalign, Lingual braces and Accelerated tooth movement. Growth, development and the etiology of malocclusions are integrated with clinical aspects of practice (including placement and the use of bands, brackets, archwire types and bends). Focus on the significance of diagnostic records in the design of treatment plans.

Why Choose Our Course?

  • ONE-ON-ONE training – we train one hygienist at a time in our clinical environment rotating all 3 instructors for diverse practical skills development.
  • All procedures are performed on our patients, not on typodonts, under close supervision of an Orthodontist and our clinical staff.
  • Clinical skills are taught in a logical sequence of an every-day-orthodontic-office-flow.
  • Theoretical lectures and clinical manuals available for e-access upon registration. All questions and review of theoretical materials will be conducted over lunch hours.
  • Two consecutive weeks totalling 50 hours of hands-on training and 20 hours of theory (Tues-Thur from 9am-6pm).
  • Due to on-going COVID-19 concerns and varied governing body regulations, course participants will be provided one reusable shield and one disposable mask per day for the duration of the course. Participants may also bring their own PPE based on their comfort level.
  • Participants will be provided an accredited certificate upon course completion and 50 CE credits.

From Participants

Thank you for having me it was a pleasure meeting all of you! I really enjoyed my time there, I felt that I really learned quite a lot - especially little tricks and tips that I have brought back to the practice I work in. It was great to be able to actually work on patients which greatly enhanced the experience and the staff couldn't have been more knowledgeable and helpful! Thank you!

Michelle Plaskos, Hygienist

This was an unbelievable course. Dr. Sky and Dr. Holta were patient, friendly and very knowledgeable. The hands on experience with actual patients really set this course apart, I felt confident and comfortable using my new skills and knowledge. The entire staff went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and taken care of and they were all passionate about helping me learn. I cannot wait to use all my new skills!

Jessie O'Brien, Hygienist

Dr. Sky, Course Director & Instructor

Dr. Sky successfully pioneered several continuing education courses that she teaches to dentists and dental specialists. In addition to her work at Orthodontic Studio, Dr. Naslenas also works at the Hospital for Sick Children. There she’s committed to working with children with craniofacial anomalies, cleft lips and palate syndrome, and other developmental challenges. Dr. Sky believes strongly that a positive self-image and self-confidence can result from proper orthodontic care, and that belief and commitment is the foundation upon which Orthodontic Studio is built. “It’s a privilege and an honour to be able to positively impact people’s self-esteem and confidence. Our goal is to train hygienists who will provide orthodontic care at a standard of excellence. We want to deliver orthodontic knowledge and skills that exceed your expectations.

Nicole, Registered Dental Hygienist

Nicole is the newest member of the Orthodontic Studio team and works at our Roncy location (307 Roncesvalles Ave). She is a Registered Dental Hygienist who graduated from Georgian College, with honours, in 2014. She has been working in both, general practice and orthodontics, for three years.

She loves the upbeat, happy, fast-paced environment that working in orthodontics provides and knowing that she played a part in giving someone the beautiful smile they’ve always dreamed of!

In her spare time, Nicole enjoys playing beach volleyball, travelling and exploring the deep blue sea. She is currently an open water diver, and is working towards getting her advanced open water diving certification.

Eni Ulaj, Hygienist and Instructor

I graduated from Toronto Dental Hygiene and Auxiliaries College. I happily share my knowledge, skills, and ten years of dental experience to deliver optimal care and high standards of practice to every one of our hygiene students and our patients.

Register Online

course fee $2335*

  • HYGIENE COURSE Apr 20 – Apr 29, 2021 FULL
  • HYGIENE COURSE May 4 – May 13, 2021 REGISTER
  • HYGIENE COURSE May 18 – May 27, 2021 FULL
  • HYGIENE COURSE June 1 – June 10, 2021 REGISTER
  • HYGIENE COURSE June 15- June 24, 2021 REGISTER
  • HYGIENE COURSE June 29 – July 8, 2021 REGISTER
  • HYGIENE COURSE July 13 – July 22, 2021 REGISTER
  • HYGIENE COURSE Aug 10 – Aug 19, 2021 REGISTER
  • HYGIENE COURSE Sept 7 – Sept 16, 2021 REGISTER
  • HYGIENE COURSE Sept 21 – Sept 30, 2021 REGISTER
  • HYGIENE COURSE Oct 5 – Oct 14, 2021 REGISTER
  • HYGIENE COURSE Oct 19 – Oct 28, 2021 REGISTER
  • HYGIENE COURSE Nov 2 – Nov 11, 2021 REGISTER
  • HYGIENE COURSE Nov 16 – Nov 25, 2021 REGISTER
  • HYGIENE COURSE Nov 30 – Dec 9, 2021 REGISTER

*Cancellation Policy: Please note, that upon registration you automatically will be emailed all course materials, hence we cannot offer you a refund. We understand that emergencies do arise and you can re-book the course for a different date.