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Metal Braces

Metal Braces with Improved Aesthetics
— SPEED braces are self-litigating braces, which eliminate the need for tie-wings due to their unique design.

What this allows for is significant appliance minimization and improved aesthetics. In fact, many SPEED patients have expressed how much they appreciate the superior aesthetics and jewel-like appearance of the SPEED appliance.

SPEED braces eliminate two of the most common food traps: “tie-wings” and “ligature ties.” The clean lines of SPEED’s design results in a smooth, rounded silhouette that is easy for all patients to keep clean.

SPEED braces improve patient comfort in two ways:

  • the smooth, rounded design minimizes soft tissue irritation; and
  • they permit the use of extremely light forces by eliminating the high frictional resistance caused by ligature ties.

There are significant treatment time savings with this system thanks to the self-ligation offered by the Super Elastic Spring Clip, as well as allowing for precision in tooth movement.

For more information about SPEED, please contact us at Orthodontics Studio or click on the following link: speedsystem.com

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