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Success Stories

We know that the most effective advertisements for the experts at Orthodontics Studio come from the testimonials of the people we’ve had the pleasure of helping.

Peruse the following success stories from people just like you who turned to Toronto’s leading authority on dental and orthodontic care. We believe that a healthy and beautiful smile can make a world of difference! Please read the following stories and see how we helped these patients put their best faces forward.

“I’ve had migraines for 26 years. I’ve tried every migraine medication with no success. They either didn’t work or the side effects were intolerable. This migraine has lasted 1 year. I received Botox injections and woke up the next morning with no pain. Finally relief with relatively little side effects. I would recommend this to anyone who has minimal relief from typical migraine medications.”

“I had a constant 24/7 headache for two years straight before trying Botox. I tried every other conceivable medication to no avail, but Botox cut my pain to a third of its previous level. I still get injections every four months or so, but it’s been three years and I still have the much lower pain level, can work, and am thankful everyday for Botox.”

“I’m very grateful the FDA approved this! I’ve suffered with debilitating migraines for 25 years now and have tried every medication prescribed and OTC, unfortunately the only thing that would take away the pain are narcotics. Since using Botox treatments my migraines are under control and down to approximately 4-5 a month compared to 20-25. I feel as though I have a life again and not living hour to hour, not having a life in fear of having a migraine. Also VERY grateful to have good insurance that pays for this.”

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