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Your Perfect Smile In Half The Time!

November 17, 2016

About every 10 years the field of Orthodontics has a major break through. Over the last decade Invisalign has truly revolutionized how patients view braces, and how clinicians straighten teeth. The “game changer” of the next decade is AcceleDent, SoftPulse Technology® that enables teeth to move faster.

AcceleDent is a simple, removable and non-invasive appliance that a patient with braces (or Inivsalign aligners) wears in the mouth for 20 minutes per day to accelerate orthodontic tooth movement. It applies gentle pulsating forces to the dentition and accelerates tooth movement by stimulating a biological tooth movement is welcome by orthodontists and patients alike. Acceledent shortens treatment time, studies suggest, by 30-50% . This, together with excellent tolerance, lack of discomfort and ease of use reported by patients, indicates that AcceleDent™ will likely become an extremely useful tool and valuable adjunct appliance in orthodontic clinical practice in the years to come.

OrthoAccel® has been selling the AcceleDent™ System outside the U.S.A. since October 2009 where hundreds of orthodontic cases have been treated with AcceleDent™ with great results and no adverse effects. For more information and FAQ’s please visit www.orthostudio.ca .

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