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November 17, 2016

Thank you Orthodontics Studio!
“Today, the St. Mark’s Boys rode and raced hard as they participated in the event of the “Inside Ride”. They stunned everyone with their wonderful and fabulous t-shirts while also promoting the wonderful Orthodontics Studio Office! The St. Mark Boys all thank you for all that you have done for us, as you let us enjoy a wonderful afternoon of riding, and for a good cause. We thank you for your support and help so much!

Personally I want to thank you too for doing such a wonderful job helping us out. I absolutely loved the shirts, and overall it was just so much fun today! You may also notice some of your patients within these photos such as: Sam Casimiri, and Iain Morris, or even some that I didn’t even know about. This was such a wonderful opportunity, and you really did a great job of helping us out!

Thank you so much again, and I will tell you even more about how thankful I am, when I see you! Thanks Dr. Sky! See you soon!”

RYO in support of The Inside Ride- Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation presents the Inside Ride, Canada’s first indoor cycling challenge and fundraising event dedicated to raising monies in support of families and children with cancer.

Inside Ride1 Inside ride2


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