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Introducing Clear Aligners: Your Guide to a Straighter Smile

June 29, 2023

Clear Aligners

Introduction to Clear Aligners

If you’ve been searching for treatment options to straighten your teeth. There’s no way that you haven’t heard about clear aligners. This treatment option is a popular alternative to traditional braces. With clear aligners, you are only required to get your trays at the office and wear a new one every week, unlike metal brackets and wires requiring multiple cleaning appointments and adjustments. Moreover, clear aligners are discreet and can be removed whenever you feel uncomfortable. Interested? Continue reading to learn more about Clear aligners.


How Clear Aligners Work

You can think of clear aligners as the plug-and-play device for orthodontic treatment. Go to the clinic, get your teeth scanned, receive your aligners, and then you are good to go!


Clear aligners are made of custom-made, removable plastic trays designed to gradually move teeth into their desired positions. They use gentle, controlled force to shift teeth and are replaced with a new set every few weeks, gradually moving your teeth closer to the desired alignment. This process is achieved through a series of aligners created using advanced 3D imaging technology.


Long story short, you make trackable progress every week, and you are in control of your treatment.


Advantages of Clear Aligners

Here are the reasons why Clear Aligners have gained popularity among our clients:

  • They are nearly invisible: No one will know you’re wearing one unless you take the trays before them!
  • You can remove them whenever you want: Eating your favorite food wouldn’t be a hassle. Bite on that corn cob as much as you want!
  • Generally more comfortable than braces: Although braces have come a long way from the torture device used in the past, some people still don’t like the feeling of metal in their mouth. 


Clear Aligner Treatment Process

  • Initial Consultation: Visit our office for evaluation and consultation. Our expert orthodontists will assess your teeth and determine if you are a suitable candidate for clear aligners.


  • Digital Impressions: If deemed suitable, we will take digital impressions of your teeth using 3D scanning technology. These impressions will serve as the basis for creating your custom aligners. Moreover, you will also see a simulation of how your teeth will move and the final results of the treatment.


  • Aligner Creation: We will create a series of custom aligners for your teeth using digital impressions. Expect a perfect fit!


  • Wearing Aligners: You will receive a set of aligners and wear each for a specified period, usually around two weeks. You will then switch to the next stage in the series.


  • Regular Check-ups: Throughout your treatment, you will have regular check-ups with us to monitor progress and ensure the treatment proceeds as planned.


  • Final Result: After completing the prescribed series of aligners, you will achieve your desired teeth alignment. We will then give you aligners to maintain the alignment of your teeth. Don’t forget to take a picture of your new smile while you are in our office! (We brag about them on social media.)


Tips for Maintaining Clear Aligners

  • Clean Your Aligners: Your aligners will be inside your mouth for 20-22 hours daily. Make sure to rinse your aligners with lukewarm water and gently brush them with a soft toothbrush to remove any plaque or debris.


  • Avoid Staining: Minimize contact with foods and beverages that can stain your aligners, such as coffee, tea, and colored sodas. It is best if you remove the aligners before eating or drinking. When eating outside, we recommend the “I need to go to the bathroom” technique for removing your aligners.


  • Keep Aligners Hygienic: Treat it like your treasure. Store your aligners in a clean, dry case when not in use to prevent bacterial growth and damage.


  • Oral Hygiene: Maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth before reinserting your aligners to keep your teeth and aligners clean.


Choosing the Right Clear Aligner Provider

  • Research and Reviews: Look for reputable clear aligner providers and read reviews from previous patients to gauge their satisfaction levels.


  • Experience and Expertise: Consider providers with extensive experience and a proven track record in providing clear aligner treatment. Our clinic has been around for 17 years and has thousands of cases under our belt.


  • Free Consultations: Opt for providers that offer free initial consultations, allowing you to discuss your concerns and determine if clear aligners are suitable for you. We provide a complimentary consultation for our first-time patients! 


  • Treatment Plan: Ensure the provider offers a detailed treatment plan, explaining the duration, expected results, and any additional steps required.


  • Customer Support: Choose a provider that offers excellent customer support, including prompt responses to your queries and concerns.


All Clear?

Clear aligners are an effective and discreet way to achieve a straighter smile. By understanding how clear aligners work, their benefits, and the treatment process, you can make an informed decision about pursuing this orthodontic option. Remember to follow the maintenance tips and choose a reliable clear aligner provider to ensure a successful teeth straightening journey.

“A positive self-image and self-confidence can result from proper orthodontic care.”

This belief has been our foundation for over 17 years of creating beautiful, straight, and confident smiles!

With thousands of finished cases under our belt, we are confident in our ability to provide you and your family with excellent treatment delivered with expertise and care.

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