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Airway Centric Orthodontics: A new way of looking at orthodontic treatment

October 17, 2018

What is Airway Centric? 

For many years, dentistry – including orthodontics, has focused on dental health, the care and repair of teeth and supporting structures. Due to the rapid growth in sleep and dental sleep medicine, maintaining the airway’s physiological function has shifted into high priority. This allows patients to be treated for airway problems that may be missed or may only be able to receive temporary relief if ignored. 

What does Airway Centric change? 

More than 50% of patients have an airway issue. This change in focus allows us to look beyond teeth to the nose, throat, muscles of the tongue, face, neck and beyond to the rest of the body. Suddenly all the dots are connected and we are fixing more than the teeth. We are helping to restore optimal health and oral function to each patient. 

Are any of the following signs/symptoms familiar?

  • Dark circle “panda” eyes

  • Mouth breathing

  • Excessive daytime sleepiness

  • Snoring

  • Thumb sucking

  • Grinding and excessive teeth wear

  • Multiple (recurrent) ear infections

  • Retruded or protruded lower jaw

  • Bedwetting

  • Narrow jaw

  • Crooked teeth

  • Migraine headaches

  • TMJ signs and symptoms

If these signs/symptoms apply to your child, airway centric orthodontics could be something that would greatly benefit them!

What are the benefits of Airway Centric orthodontics?

  • Optimizing airway passages can assist breathing function and reduces the possibility of sleep apnea

  • Intervention and preventive measure are key to staying ahead of problems that can develop

  • Focusing on clear, open airways aids with overall sleep and breathing

  • Encouraging nasal breathing assists with adequate, natural development of jaw structure

  • Aids with overall sleep and breathing

In dentistry and orthodontics, there is a movement towards focusing on early, preventive treatment. By developing the jaw structure at an early age, using a child’s natural growth to our advantage, we can address these concerns and provide our children with a healthier future.

Healthy airways create a healthy today… for a happy tomorrow!

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