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10 Reasons to Experience the Intraoral Scanner

August 30, 2018

  1. No impressions.
    The old moulding technique is quite messy.  The patient is forced to sit with a large rubber-like material in the mouth for fifteen minutes.  Many patients choke, gag, and experience great discomfort. The digital technique is more comfortable since it scans the teeth, which only requires a few minutes of the patient’s time.

  2. No gagging.
    As the Intraoral Scanner does not use any moulding, there is nothing to gag on.

  3. No embarrassment of sitting there waiting for he putty to set.
    The Intraoral Scanner is a quick and easy experience.

  4. See the imperfections of your teeth immediately. See an immediate rendition of your teeth being straightened;
    bringing digital dental impressions and treatment to life. It allows for the possibility to show the patient a 3D-impression of their teeth on a screen, right after the impression has been made.

  5. Immediate submission to the Invisalign manufacturers.
    We are able to send the scan to Invisalign in minutes, as opposed to mailing them and having a longer wait time.

  6. Store the e-models forever to re-order your retainers to maintain the original tooth alignment.
    Since the scan is saved online, we are able to reorder any aligners or retainers that the patient might have lost without them having to come in for another scan.

  7. The process is safer, healthier, and more pleasant for the patient and dental staff as there is no off-gassing of impression materials or potential choking hazards.

  8. Accuracy.
    Another positive aspect for the patient is, of course, a better looking and fitting end result.  Restorations created from a completely digital process are delivered faster and with a more precise fit and fewer chairside adjustments. Intraoral scanners provide unparalleled accuracy when compared to traditional impressions. Dimensional accuracy of intraoral scan data has progressed to the point of counting microns.

  9. Speed/turnaround time.
    The ability for the lab to access intraoral scan data within minutes of the scan being sent allows for the lab to start the case before a traditional impression would even arrive at the lab.

  10. Communication.
    The biggest advantage of digital impressions is the increased communication between the lab and clinician. Location is no longer an obstacle. Sharing of files, even on a smartphone, is easy and accessible from almost anywhere. At Orthodontic Studio, if you are interested in Invisalign, a 3D simulation video can be sent to you via e-mail so that you have access to your scan and what your treatment would virtually look like.

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