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Patient Information

We know that emergencies don’t always happen during regular business hours. And while we’d always prefer that you leave the orthodontic care to the professionals, there are certain emergency situations that you may be able to act upon in a safe and effective manner. Ligatures coming off your brace: Sometimes, when eating, the small elastic ligatures used to keep the wire and brace together, can pop off. In this case, carefully use small tweezers to place the ligature back around the brace


Booking/Cancelling Appointments

At Orthodontics Studio, we believe in providing our customers with quality service in a timely and courteous manner. We work to ensure that appointments are appropriate to the treatment required, but we also ask our clients to respect other patients by being on time for their appointments.

We set appointments so that our office — and your treatments — run smoothly and efficiently. In some cases, such as when we’re placin


What can you expect during your initial visit?
We’d like to think of your first visit as a get-to-know session: we believe it’s important for you to get to know our team and the services we offer; and it is crucial for us to get to know you, your concerns, and the condition of your jaws and teeth.

At Orthodontics Studio, we believe that communication is key. We are more than happy to answer all of your general concerns and questions about orthodontic care, in


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